"Timeless" I Love You 100 Languages Bracelet Rose Gold - 1onelove.com
"Timeless" I Love You 100 Languages Bracelet
Timeless™ 'I Love You' Bracelet
"Timeless" I Love You 100 Languages Bracelet Silver - 1onelove.com
"Timeless" I Love You 100 Languages Bracelet Gold - 1onelove.com
Timeless™ 'I Love You' Bracelet

Timeless™ 'I Love You' Bracelet

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What better way then to say "I Love You" to that Special Person in your Life. With this beautiful & elegant Bracelet that says "I Love You" in 100 Different Languages.

Guarantee to make anyone smile, a moment they will cherish forever!
Use your Phone Camera or Flashlight & watch the 'I Love You' Bracelet come to Life!  

"I Love You" is Nano-Engraved into the Bracelet's center crystal in 100 Languages. Shine a light through it and project the message onto a wall or surface, or use a mobile camera lens to peak inside and display it on your phone. 

A Gift  For Any Occasion! 


    • Anniversary/ Valentines Day/Mother's Day/ Birthday
    • Suitable for All Skin Types
    • Nano Engraving Technology
    • "I LOVE YOU" in 100 Languages
    • High Quality Zircon Embellishment   
    • Not Sold In Stores
    • Fast Free Shipping 
      • Item Type: Projection Pendant Bracelet 
      • Colors: Gold/ Rose Gold/ Silver
      • Material: Titanium Steel, Alloy 
      • Weight: 10 grams
      • Width: 2.2 inches 
      • Pendant Size: 0.6-0.8 inches
    Love Bracelet 'I Love You' in 100 Languages
    Package Includes: 
      • 1 x "Timeless" 100 Languages Projection Pendant Bracelet
      • 1 x Handmade Gift Box 
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      • 1-2 Weeks Worldwide  
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